Powell Store Thrift Shop.
Asbury United Methodist Church, Greenville, NY

We Carry items such as clothing, dishes, toys, linens, shoes, nicknacks, books, movies, etc. Come and visit us, meet our staff... we might just have what you're looking for!

Our donation and sorting area has been expanded over the winter. Our new donation drop off door is in the back of the store. Thank you all for donations to this great cause.

ITEMS CURRENTLY NEEDED: Gently worn clothing; small household items and decorative items; blankets, towels, sheets, shoes, pocketbooks.......

*PLEASE NOTE-we do not accept larger items like large furniture or TV's. Contact the church about donations for their church auction for such item.
Hours of operation:

Wednesday: 10AM-4PM
Thursday: 10AM-7PM
Friday: 10AM-4PM
Saturday: 10AM-4PM

From March 13 to December 7, 2019