1791-The present Church began as part of the Coeyman's Patent Old Stone Church.

1809-Francis Asbury presided over a camp meeting in Greenville.

1812-The first Methodist Episcopal Church in Greenville was located on King Hill (known as Old Greenville.)

1825-Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church was built in West Greenville on the present corner of Rte 81 and Ingalside Rd.

1853-The Lamb's Corners Church (Olin Chapel) was built.

1857-Asbury church was moved to South st.

1873-Asbury Church burned and a new building was started in Spring.

1874-The Church in Norton Hill began when a group started a society.

1959-Asbury Methodist Church celebrated the 150th anniversary of Francis Asbury's camp meeting in Greenville.

1973-Greenville and Norton Hill merged and services held in both sanctuaries, six months each.

1981-The new merged congregation grew from a worshipping body of 50 to 200 each Sunday.

1982-The Sunday School Wing and Nursery School renovation was finished. Church Mouse Nursery School Opened.

1986-The sanctuary was enlarged and Day Care center was opened.

1993-Church placed on Greene County Historical Register.

1996-Lamb's Corners merged with Greenville-Norton Hill Church.

1998-Church Offices, associate pastor's residence and Thrift Shop opened in the Elliott House.

2002-Groundbreaking for the new, multi-purpose addition.

2004-Carney Center completed and opened for use.

2008- Purchased and Began Renovations on the Old Powell General Store, to be converted into New Thrift Shop.
About Us
Asbury United Methodist Church, Greenville, NY
The Mission & Ministry of the Church

We are the disciples of Christ. We are the Church. The church is a fellowship, the people of God, the body of Christ.

God has made Christ the head of the church and given him all authority in heaven and on earth. Christ has chose us.
The source of our power is the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of the living Christ, who dwells within and leads us to the truth.

We are called to be witnesses to Christ and to the glory of God. We are to go everywhere and be salt, light and leaven for the world. We are to be the working hands of Christ.

As Christians, each of us is commanded to love God with all our being and to love our neighbor as ourself. We are called to be good stewards of our time, our talent and our resources. We are asked to believe in Christ, to imitate him by keeping his commandments and doing his works, to pray in his name, to give thanks to him, and to live for the praise of his glory.

Our fellowship in Christ enables us to support and reinforce each other as we come to understand the will of the Lord and become filled with the Spirit. We work together joyfully, equipping ourselves for our ministry in the church and in the world.

Our ministry to the world is to witness by word and deed through lives of love, to bring Christ to the world and to bring the world to Christ. Amen.

This statement, based on The New Testament, was written by members of the United Methodist Church of Greenville & Norton Hill on January 24, 1973